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Armando "OUTthere" Diaz

Diaz's work focuses on Montclair and Newark, NJ, highlighting icons of the local music community and featuring portraits and street photography. He draws inspiration from various sources, capturing artists, musicians, comedians, dancers, painters, and community members in their creative element.​


As a long-time Montclair resident, Diaz's photography reflects the changing landscape of northern New Jersey, where rapid development poses a threat to existing communities. In the footsteps of photographers like Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diaz goes beyond traditional documentary photography. He actively engages with the communities he captures, witnessing firsthand the consequences of demographic and political shifts. His dynamic and participatory style infuses his work with the energy and vitality of local communities and their people.

Armando OUTthere Diaz selfie
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