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Brooklyn portrait artist Alex Fournier creating portrait of Ghanaian artist Vincent Kofi

Alex Fournier
Portrait Artist

In the hushed whispers of art enthusiasts, the legacy of a once-known but immensely talented local NYC portrait artist lives on, even in his absence. The late Alex Fournier left behind a breathtaking body of work that now stands as a testament to his extraordinary skill and passion for capturing the human spirit. His evocative portraits have garnered recognition and reverence, drawing art connoisseurs from afar to marvel at the depth and emotion captured in his subjects' eyes. Through his art, Alex left an enduring mark, reminding us that greatness can emerge from the shadows and that art, like life, transcends time and space.

In this picture taken in 1957, Alex Fournier creates a charcoal portrait of Ghanian artist, Vincent Kofi. He has also made portraits of other legendary giants of the time, such as Charles Mingus. (available for purchase soon)

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