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Kevin Schumacher selfie portrait

“I have an unusual brain. Once mapped, it explained my innate ability to look at something, a sign, a  building, or person, and see parts of this vision highlighted, as if lit from within. As soon as this is  triggered, I follow a primal, physical urge to capture what I am seeing in my mind's eye with my camera.  This is followed by hours of editing, to fully illustrate my vision.  

Some of what I present is the extraordinary in the ordinary. Mostly, my works are metaphors for the  rejection of suburban banal happiness in favor of the urban life, of the artist, the misfit, the rebel. The  intensity of street life rises off my images, refusing to be labeled, or ignored. I found a safe space in these  places and want others to see it through my eyes in all its uncomfortable beauty.


My work is driven by coffee, weed and guilt...”  

Kevin Schumacher

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